Rounding of 1-RM Weights

Written by Athlete Analyzer
Updated 3 weeks ago

Easily Match Weights to Your Equipment with Rounding

When planning workouts based on 1-repetition maximum (1-RM) values, enable our rounding feature to get weight suggestions that fit your equipment. For example, if 80% of your 1-RM is 83.5 kg, the system can round it to 85 kg, so you won't need to adjust weights during your workout.

Set Up for Precise Adjustments

Choose the lightest weight plate available at your training location to help us better adjust the weights. For instance, if you only have 5 kg plates, 83.5 kg would be rounded down to 80 kg, making it easier for you to set up.

Activating the Feature

To activate this feature, navigate to "All settings" and select "Strength training settings".

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