Useful tips and tricks for video tagging

Learn how to become a better video tagger with these tips.
Written by Athlete Analyzer
Updated 11 months ago

To be a fast and efficient video taggar requires a bit of practice. In this article we have gather a few tips and tricks for video tagging.

Focus on the video

You can play/pause to video by clicking with the mouse pointer directly on the video. Keeping the pointer in the video player help you focus on the video. 

Fast forward

This might not be so helpful in faster sports with a lot events like fencing but for slower sports it can be really useful. Select you desired speed and pause the video when an event of interest occurs to tag it.   

Frame by frame

Sometimes it can be hard to see what happened at the first glance. The frame-by-frame buttons helps you review the sequence again in a calm fashion. +5 and -5 jumps the video five frames forward or backwards. +1 and -1 jumps the video one frame forward or backwards.

Slow motion

An alternativ to frame-by-frame can be to watch the sequence again in slow motion. Select a slow motion speed in the player and view the sequence again.

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