Tag score/attack in Taekwondo

This article describes the technique tag in Taekwondo.
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Tag parameters


Fighter is the one who performs the attack.

Me - Is you or your athlete if you are coach

Opp - Is the opponent.
Meaning if you did an attack in the video select Me.


Select which technique that was used in the attack. If the technique is unclear select the technique you think it mostly looks like. You can also add your own techniques.

Custom techniques

Click on Add new under technique. Enter a name for your technique and select which category it belongs to.


Mark where on the opponent the attack hit.

Attack type

Direct attack - Select if the attack was a direct attack

Counter attack - Select if the attack was performed directly after the opponent attacked.


Member is which hand or leg you attacked with in relation to the opponent.

Front - Is the leg/hand closest to the opponent

Back - Is the leg/hand furthest away from the opponent 


Open - Your and the opponent's torso face the same direction.

Closed - Your and the opponent's torso face opposite directions

Clinch - When you are very close to the opponent 

Left or Right Arm/Leg

Select which hand or leg that was used from the attackers perspective.

Left - Left hand or leg

Right - Right hand or leg


Select how many points the attack was awarded. If the attack did not result in any points select "No score".

Type of action

Type of action used in the attack.

  • Direct attack - The attack was made in one timing.
  • Indirect attack -  The attack was made in two timing. For example by first lifting and holding the left off the ground and then kicking.
  • Direct counter - Same as direct attack but you counter an opponent attack.
  • Indirect counter - Same as indirect attack but you counter an opponent attack.

Match phase

What “phase” the match was in when the attack was initiated. 

  • Distance control - Both athletes are controlling the distance
  • Moving towards clinch -  The attacker moves towards the opponent in the attack to close the distance.
  • Opponent moving towards clinch - The opponent moves towards the attacker. If your opponent did the attack he/she will be considered that attacker in this case.
  • In clinch - Athlete are clinching


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