Kiosk Mode

Learn how to activate and use the Athlete Analyzer kiosk.
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How to activate

1. Download our Kiosk app to your iPad or Android tablet



2. Start the Kiosk app

Kiosk modes

You can put the kiosk in 3 different modes depending on how you want to use it.

  • All - Enables all kiosk features including reporting of planned workouts.
  • Wellness - Only allow the athletes to report wellness.
  • Weight - Only allow the athletes to report weight and height. This can be useful if you mount the kiosk adjacent to a scale. 
The checks with a green background means that the athlete has reported wellness today. It will reset the next day.

Logout a Kiosk app remotely 

If you loose your device or want to disable a Kiosk for some reason you can do so from your coach account.

  1. Open your team
  2. Click on "Manage team"
  3. Click on "Kiosks"

Click on Logout device to logout a specific device.

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