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This article describes how to add Karate competition and tag match videos.
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1. Go to competitions

  1. Click on "Competitions"
  2. Click on "Add new competition"

1.2 Add a competition

1.3 Select where you videos are stored

Select which option that suits you best. In this example we are going to use a YouTube video from the official WKF channel. 
You can also upload you own match videos.

1.4 Enter match information

Enter basic basic information about the match such as result and opponent of your athlete. Finish by clicking on the "Save" button.

Copy and past the link to your YouTube video into the field and click on "Add".
Or select "upload video" to upload one of your own videos.

2. Tag match video

Click on the thumbnail to start the tagging. 

2.1 Tag match start (Hajime)

When the match starts, click on the Hajime button to tag it.  - Click on the Mate button when the referee pauses the match  - Click on the Hajime button when the referee resumes the match
These tags help you keep track of the match time, meaning you will later be able to analyze your athlete's performance at different periods of the match. Is your athlete better or worse in the beginning of matches? And so on.

2.2 Register attacks, scores and penalties

When your athlete or the opponent attacks or scores pause the video to tag it. This will bring up the tag menu.
You can pause the video by clicking on it with your mouse, using the icon in the left bottom corner of the video or, using the space key on your keyboard.

2.2.1 Standing attacks

Select "Standing attack" if your athlete or the opponent performs a kick or punch.

2.2.2 Takedown attacks

Select "Takedown attack" if your athlete or the opponent performs a takedown.

2.2.3 Penalties

Select "Penalty" if your athlete or the opponent receives a penalty. 

2.3 Tag match end

Click on "Soremade" when you have reach the end of the match.

2.4 Finish

After you have clicked on "Soremade" you can review the tags.
Select "Next match" to tag the next match from the competition or "Finish tagging" if you are finished with this competition. 

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