Training Planning Coach

Training plans make it possible for coaches to plan and manage training for one or several athletes at once. All events that are put into a training plan will appear instantaneously in the plan’s followers’ calendars. Athletes can follow several plans at once.

Sharing a plan with athletes

To share a plan with one or several athletes go to “Planning” and then click “Share” on the plan that you want to share. Select the athletes you want to share with. In the last step you will have the option to include past event. If you chose to include past events, then all events in plan will be shared otherwise will only future events be shared. An athlete has to accept a training plan before it will appear in his or her calendar.

NOTE, if you share a plan that has been running for a while with a new athlete then you might not want to include past events.

Collaborate with other coaches

Several coaches can be allowed to edit a training plan. This can be useful if different coaches have different responsibilities e.g. physio, judo and so on. Invite other coaches to a plan by clicking “Sharing and permissions”.

Best Practice

A training plan should be seen as an ongoing planning with no definite end. Periodization can be managed within a training plan by the workouts you put in it. A typical club could for instance have one training plan per training group, e.g. Under 21, Under 15 and so forth, and one general training plan containing camps and competitions.