Big news today for all our users! We have released AAJ Flow for coaches and athletes. Flow makes it very easy for the coaches to keep track of their athletes’ daily updates regarding both training and competitions. The coaches can “like” and comment all posts from the athletes in order to give feedback and motivate their athletes even further. No extra work is needed, it just got a lot easier for the coaches to give feedback on daily basis to their athletes!

What is AAJ Flow?

Flow get its updates from registered data from the athletes’ daily updates in AAJ and create automatic posts in the Flow. The posts being displayed from start is:

  • Workouts (both native AAJ workouts and workouts from Polar)
  • Competition results
  • Match videos
  • Ippon sequences

The posts (and linked “likes” and comments) from an athlete can only be seen by the athlete and the athlete’s coaches. Coaches can see all posts from their athletes and also the other coaches’ “likes” and comments regarding these posts. This enhances the collaboration between the coaches for the benefit of every athlete.

Why AAJ Flow?

To give feedback to athletes on a regularly basis is most important to keep the motivation high for the athletes. Now it can be done in a very easy and fun way!

AAJ Flow also brings new possibilities for the teams together with the quite generous “Team Coach Package” which allows the teams to have up to eight coaches in the team. Most teams have former coaches with a very solid and high judo knowledge but they maybe are not so interested to hang around in the dojo anymore for different reasons. Now it’s possible for these excellent resources to use AAJ Flow and for instance give feedback on the athletes’ matches and techniques. The former coaches can help the athletes from wherever they are, whenever they want. By doing so they also transfer their knowledge to the team coaches.

What’s next in the Flow?

That’s up to you! We have a lot of ideas but we would love your feedback for the current version and suggestions for new functionality in the Flow!

We have got a lot of requests about the way attacks are registered in AAJ. We are now pleased to announce that we have listened to our users and released the requested change.

Earlier we only registered the number of attacks and that has been used to calculate scoring rate and attack rate.

With this new release you tag an attack exactly the way you tag a score. Register the technique, grip, direction and set “No score” as the outcome. This opens up for new analysis in the system –  “Attack outcome” (Technique efficiency). It’s now possible to see how many of the throw attempts which leads to score. You’ll find the new graph under Analyze/Techniques.

It’s now possible to watch and analyze every sequence of a technique which don’t results in a score so it can be improved in the dojo. Maybe a technique is used very often at competition but rarely leads to a score? Maybe one technique is seldom used during competition but it actually has a very high efficiency and should be used more?

This now takes seconds to find out! The rest is up to you and your judoka to work on in the dojo. Evidence based coaching has never been easier!

This is a feature many of our customers have requested and we’re very happy to announce this new feature for our Athlete Pro users!

How does it work?

All workouts from Polar Flow will now automatically be added to your calendar as completed. If you already have scheduled workouts in your AAJ calendar then the Polar workouts will be tied to them automatically if they are within +- 1 hour.

The data coming from Polar does not include a RPE value for workout sessions. Therefore, we approximate an RPE for each workout coming from Polar in order to still be able to calculate Training Load for you. The approximated RPE is calculated from your age and average heart rate from the session. This means that you might need to adjust the RPE manually in some cases to get a correct Training Load. For example, heavy strength training might result in a RPE that is a bit too low due to a low average heart rate even though the session was perceived as hard.

How do I start?

Go to your profile. Click on “Manage external data providers” and connect to your Polar Flow account and you’re done!

Log in and check out our new Getting started page for coaches! The purpose of this page is to make it easier for coaches to start the journey with Athlete Analyzer Judo. See what you should do next and just click the link icon to get there!

We have also included links to the most recent posts on our blog and our social media. You will also find video tutorials of the most common tasks in the system. Everything you need to keep yourself updated about the world of Athlete Analyzer Judo.

A summary of the getting started page is also visible on the coach dashboard. It will disappear after a while when you have completed some of the tasks.

We hope that you will find Getting started useful and please get back to us with your much-valued feedback.

For athletes

Which of your grips leads to most ippons? Which of your techniques are most efficient? Which technique leads to many wazaris but not to ippons? These are some of the questions that you can get an answer to in seconds with Athlete Analyzer!

All graphs in the analyze section are clickable which will apply combined filters all the way down to the very lowest detail. In the example below we want to look at techniques that leads to most ippons. We apply a filter for the most effective grip for ippon scores and then we can easily watch each score. It’s of course possible to watch in full screen, in slow motion or even frame by frame.

Let’s say that you want to work on a technique that you use to score in contests but they seldom leads to ippon? Click on a technique with an low ippon rate and then you can compare each score done with that certain technique.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Do you just want to look at counter attacks? Would you like to study all your ashi waza? Which technique has the best ippon rate during match minute 3? It’s all there waiting for you. Accessible for you and your coaches in seconds.

You can use all this information for planning your future training sessions. You can even set goals for what you would like to achieve. Let’s say that you’re training hard to get more ippons from a certain technique. Just set the goal and when you achieve it you and all your coaches will get notified automatically.

For coaches

If you are responsible for many athletes it could be a hurdle to remember what’s working for each athlete and what’s not. It’s quite easy to mix up what’s working in randori sessions and what’s actually working in contests. With Athlete Analyzer you’ll always have all the facts at your fingertips.

Analyze and set goals is easy, takes little time and you can do it whenever you want, wherever your are. To be able to set goals is a very strong feature. Let’s say you’re a national coach, you can now set goals which will be seen by the athlete and his or hers club coaches. This enhances the collaboration between all coaches around an athlete, making it possible for everyone to work towards common goals.

As a judo coach you probably have many athletes wanting your precious feedback from various competitions. Sometimes you have seen the matches live which makes it quite easy (at least if you remember them from an often chaotic environment ;).

A larger problem arises when you haven’t seen the matches and need to watch them afterwards. First you have to get access to the match videos, often in various places and formats which could be a challenge in its own. Then you’ll need to sort out the match order as it may have affected the performance. Hopefully you’re now ready to start watching.

After watching the match videos it’s time to write feedback. It takes time as you have to refer to different matches and to different situations in them. When you’re done you can send the feedback to the athlete or sit down and talk about it. Great!

If you’re responsible for many athletes you will have go through this over and over again. As we all know it’s important to give the feedback shortly after the competition and it could be a problem as time flies due to the administrative work above.

Athlete Analyzer Judo keep track and notifies you of new reported competitions by your athletes. You can watch the match videos whenever you want, wherever you are. Write feedback directly to each video with automatic time stamps to each situation you want to comment. The feedback is viewable for all coaches around the athlete which is very practical. Sometimes the club coach write feedback, sometimes the regional or national coach do. Everyone collaborating for the benefit of the athlete.

You asked and we have delivered!

We have got quite a few requests from our users regarding the possibility to tag match videos already uploaded on YouTube. We have of course listened to you and are now happy to announce that this new exiting feature is released for our Athlete Pro users!

It’s very easy to use this feature too. Just add the link to the video and tag the match events like you’re used to. It works for all videos based on YouTube technology that you have access to. No matter if the videos is several hours long as it can be when a whole competition is in one video or if you have access to single match videos. Just add the link, find your match, and tag the match events.

Please beware that we can’t guarantee the videos lifetime on YouTube. Your tagged data will stay forever in Athlete Analyzer Judo though, for all analyzing purposes that you and our other users love.

See how to link a YouTube video here.


This weekend many international fighters are gearing up for the European Open circuit in Sofia for men and in Lisbon for women. Some of the European top athletes are coming to the capitals to fight for 100 points and the medals. Meanwhile most of us have had their first event. This weekend also the Belgian Open will take place for men and women, usually a good warm-up for the Grand Slam in Paris, the big one where 15,000 fans will be packed in the Arena.

Last week many national championships took place and you have probably already been on training camp to get ready for this season’s goals. If you want to reach your personal goals, you will all analyse your judo style, your skills. Why don’t you contact some of your friends to give them the best tool available. They can subscribe for free, test Athlete Analyzer and who knows your coach and club are interested to get the best out of our system.

If you want to start your season with full analytics, then poke your friends for a free randori.

Win fancy prizes if you bring in multiple free subscription. This won’t be your biggest challenge of the season.

Click here to join the competition!

Your personal Ippon Highlights

Who doesn’t love to look at great Ippons? We all do, especially our own Ippons! 🙂 Now we have a real treat for our valued customers as we’re introducing Ippon Highlights!

Athlete Analyzer Judo is a professional software for all ambitious judokas and their coaches but sometimes we just want to have fun and look at some of our proudest moments!

How does it work?

Just log in and your latest Ippons in Nage Waza will greet you in your dashboard. If you don’t see any Ippons you have to wait until you have tagged one, so start uploading your match videos and start tagging. The video playlist is created automatically when you have tagged an Ippon in an uploaded match video.

As a coach, you’ll have to click on view on your athlete to see their dashboard.

Any requests?

Stay tuned as we will soon release more fun features on the same theme, both for athletes and coaches. If you have any suggestions about further functionality regarding video or something else don’t hesitate to contact us.